Outreach & Training

The Chiltern Special School SEND Outreach Service offers an extended range of support by working collaboratively with mainstream schools to build capacity and confidence in meeting the needs of a wider range of children and young people with SEND. 

Who is the service for?

The Chiltern Special School SEND Outreach Service is a school based service. Support may include:

Making a referral
To meet the criteria for a request for consultation, the school needs to provide evidence of at least two completed cycles of the Assess/Plan/Do/Review process. This will show how strategies have been implemented to support the child/young person and the impact of this.
If schools wish to make a referral to The Chiltern Special School SEND Outreach, they can complete the online form

Outreach & Training

I can sense the energy of the teaching staff. It feels like the kind of school where my child will thrive rather than stagnate/plod along.