Parents and Carers

Research shows that where parents and carers are actively engaged within the school community their children achieve more.

We believe that you are the experts and know your child better than anyone else. We value working with you to ensure your child has the best educational outcomes we can provide.

At The Chiltern School we are committed to working closely and collaboratively with parents and carers in order to:

  • Promote children’s personal development, independence and wellbeing
  • Maximise achievement and enjoyment of learning for pupils
  • Support families in creating a supportive and nurturing environment at home that enables children to thrive
  • Help students and families to manage change and transitions
  • Ensure that consistent approaches are used to support children in all settings. This will be achieved by:
  • Welcoming, respecting and valuing Parents and Carers as partners by the school community in their children’s learning and development
  • On-going communication and dialogue to support engagement and a positive learning environment at home and school.

To support the above we have a number of communication channels to choose from:

Family Forum

This is an active working group which meets termly to represent the voice of Parents and Carers and looks to share ideas as well as providing opportunities to comment on new initiatives throughout the school.

Parent/Carer Evenings

There are two opportunities each year where parents and carers are invited to discuss with the class teacher their child’s progress and to set future targets. We encourage the children to attend these evening so they can share their school work and celebrate their achievements.

Parent and Carer Outreach

A workshop is held termly on school site by our working partners to offer support and advice.

Home School Communication

There are opportunities on a daily basis to communicate directly with school these include Phone calls, Email and Home School Link books.


The newsletter communicates school life, events and celebrating student achievements. An electronic version is available half termly and accessible via the schools website. Parents can request a hard copy via the school office.

Parental Representation on the Governing Body

Vicky Hopkinson is the newly appointed School Governor focusing on Parental Engagement. Vicky will work alongside the school leads and regularly attend feedback and report to the School Governors.

For further information and how to access any of our initiatives please contact:

Sarah Foster – Lead Practitioner Emotional Health and Wellbeing

Ever since James started at The Chiltern School he’s been like a different person. He loves school and can’t wait to get there everyday. We’ve seen such a massive change in his behaviour and outlook.