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Welcome to The Chiltern School

Aspire. Endeavour. Achieve.



Welcome to The Chiltern School – Where we “Dare To Be Different”

The Chiltern School is an Area Special School in Central Bedfordshire, we cater for pupils from 3-19 years across 2 sites. We provide a stimulating learning environment for pupils who have a wide range of needs from communication and interaction, cognition and learning; physical, sensory, medical, social, emotional and mental health. We were rated a Good school by OFSTED in October 2017, join us as we embark on our journey to become an Outstanding Centre of Excellence for SEND.

Our vision is to develop children who are happy, confident, inquisitive and independent.

Our curriculum is highly personalised, pupils follow different pathways to meet their changing needs, with a strong emphasis on celebrating the small steps. We have a caring yet purposeful environment where high expectations, good manners and positive relationships are nurtured.

Staff work together, expertly and enthusiastically, we provide high quality opportunities for continuous professional development, promote action research and use evidence based practice to enrich our own learning.

We believe that the individual is at the heart of everything we do, everyone is valued and our differences are celebrated. It is our aim that as members of the Chiltern Family:

  • Everyone will thrive
  • Everyone will feel safe, happy and fulfilled 
  • Everyone will want to explore the world
  • Everyone will acknowledge, encourage and nurture strengths and talents
  • Everyone will be able to engage in positive and healthy relationships
  • Everyone will have the determination to take the next step
  • Everyone will challenge themselves when presented with opportunities for personal and development 
  • Everyone will be encouraged to express themselves, make choices and engage in decision making about issues that affect their lives

Our school values consist of :-

Curiosity Respect
Optimism Resilience
Kindness Humour
Respect Courage

We hope that you will find our website interesting and informative – we will be working on developing the content over the coming year.

If you would like to discuss how we can be of service to you and your family, please contact me.

Lisa Leonard


Parent Views

” I can sense the energy of the teaching staff.  It feels like the kind of school where my child will thrive rather than stagnate/plod along.”