Online Safety

As part of our RHSE curriculum we work to ensure that children are safe online. Given the recent pandemic many children and young people began to spend more time online. As a school we work to educate parents and carers with updated information, we send weekly updates from National Safety Online and we signpost families to updated information, please see links below.

Adults taking care of children need to be aware of what children and young people are accessing and who they are interacting with.  It is necessary to increase our awareness of online safety and how to help children use the internet and other technological devices safely.  We recommend Parents and Carers ensure that they can monitor children when online and that they use parental controls on devices and Apps. We would also encourage that the online interaction is completed together and that parents explore Apps before allowing their child to play with minimal supervision.

Even the most innocent searches can produce inappropriate material. Set your Parental Controls and monitor or only provide access to youtube kids. If you are worried about online abuse or the way someone has been communicating with your child online, you can report it at: This site also has advice and activities for keeping safe online. 

Please see attached information and links on how to promote children’s safety online including the use of social media.    

“The school’s culture to protect children and keep staff and pupils safe is well developed. Procedures to ensure pupils’ safety on educational outings and visits in the community are strong.”.
Ofsted, 2017