The Chiltern School believes in encouraging pupils to develop pleasure for reading. Pupils who read on a regular basis, in school, and at home, have a higher chance of fulfilling their academic potential.

Reading is a complex skill with many components. We believe that successful approaches to the teaching of reading should encourage children to enjoy reading and engage with text at a level that is appropriate to their needs. We encourage pupils to use a variety of strategies in their pursuit of meaning and that when planning the development of reading skills individual needs are taken into account and reflected in the approach. Independent reading, and reading as a group, are integrated into the existing curriculum across all pathways, in everyday teaching.

Pupils are encouraged to explore a wide range of texts through ICT equipment and strategies such as Attention Autism. Throughout the curriculum there are opportunities for pupils to explore a variety of texts, to use and interpret print within their environment. Pupils will be aware of signs of purpose such as ‘danger’ and be able to respond to these signs. 

Sensory stories are incorporated within learning and opportunities are given for exploring texts through drama and role play as appropriate. 

Pupils are encouraged to communicate their knowledge, thoughts and ideas regarding texts through their various methods of communication such as communication boards or sound output devices.       

A wide variety of texts and electronic sources are available in order to provide pupils with a range of reading options.

Reading at The Chiltern School

“In a short space of time, the school’s new headteacher has sensitively galvanised the whole school into action. The clear direction given to the senior leadership team is having a very positive impact”.
Ofsted, 2017