We are fortunate at the Chiltern School to have a very supportive and proactive Governing Body, who strive to provide a school that inspires and challenges pupils to learn and achieve.  

The Governors support the pupils’ endeavours and celebrate their achievements and successes.

Full Governor Meetings are held termly, in addition to General Committee Meetings but these can be held more frequently if required.

To contact our Governors, please email:

The Governing Body works on the basis of full transparency. Governors’ declaration of business and financial interests can be downloaded below:

Governors’ attendance at meetings can be downloaded below:

Our Governing Body is also fully declared on the government website. Please see the following link for more information:

Click on Governors’ names in the table below to see further information.

List of Governors
Gov Type Name and Term of Office Has responsibility for:
Co-opted Governor Mark Cattle (Chair)
19/09/2019- 18/09/2023
Appointed by Governors
Chair of Governors,
Chair of Estates & Business Committee
Co-opted Governor Richard Cooper
Appointed by Governors
Chair of Inclusion Committee,
Link Governor - Safeguarding , Careers
Co-opted Governor Sally Davidson
17/07/2023- 16/07/2027
Appointed by Governors
Vice Chair of Quality of Education & Standards Committee
Co-opted Governor Sophie Hooper
30/06/2022 - 29/06/2026
Appointed by Governors
Co-opted Governor Vacancy
Co-opted Governor Vacancy
Co-opted Governor Vacancy
Local Authority Governor Vacancy
Parent Governor Michelle Todd
02/02/2022 - 01/02/2026
Appointed by Parents
Parent Governor Anne-Marie Turner
26/05/2022 - 25/05/2026
Appointed by parents
Staff Governor Vacancy
Headteacher Lisa Leonard Safer Recruitment
Clerk Katherine Miller

Previous Membership

Co-opted Governor

Craig Walker 28/09/2013 – 10/12/2019

Cassi Wright 19/10/2017 – 01/01/2019

Cathy Fox 30/08/2015 – 17/09/2019

Richard Mosey 03/10/2012 – 31/01/2020

Morwenna Scholes 08/05/2019 – 26/10/2020

Lindsay Kirby 19/09/2019 – 02/06/2021

Giselle Hobbs 30/06/2021 – 23/11/2021

Kevin Morris – 05/07/2022 – 06/02/2023

Local Authority Governor

Amanda Dodwell 01/09/2021 – 06/07/2023

Rupert Groves 01/09/2013 – 01/01/2019

Staff Governor

Sally Davidson 17/07/2019 – 16/07/2023

Parent Governor

Stephanie Rowley 22/02/2017 – 17/04/2019

Vicky Hopkinson 09/11/2015 – 08/11/2019

Joanna Anderson 25/05/2019 – 02/12/2020

Mike Kent 26/03/2021 – 11/08/2021

Anne Kennedy 26/03/2021 – 18/11/2021

“The school’s culture to protect children and keep staff and pupils safe is well developed. Procedures to ensure pupils’ safety on educational outings and visits in the community are strong.”.
Ofsted, 2017