Our School Expectations

We believe that the individual is at the heart of everything we do, everyone is valued and our differences are celebrated. It is our aim that as members of the Chiltern Family: 

  • Everyone will thrive
  • Everyone will feel safe, happy and fulfilled
  • Everyone will want to explore the world
  • Everyone will acknowledge, encourage and nurture strengths and talents
  • Everyone will be able to engage in positive and healthy relationships
  • Everyone will have the determination to take the next step
  • Everyone will challenge themselves when presented with opportunities for personal growth and development
  • Everyone will be encouraged to express themselves, make choices and engage in decision making about issues that affect their lives

To achieve this, we encourage our pupils to be:

  • RESILIENT: When things go wrong, we don’t give up. We learn strategies to cope, because we know we can achieve great things.
  • CURIOUS: We can explore and find out new possibilities safely.
  • HAPPY: When we feel safe, we can enjoy learning new things with our friends.
  • KIND: We share and are kind and caring to each other.
  • RESPECTFUL: We are all responsible for our school environment and the people in it.
  • HUMOROUS: We laugh with each other because the journey of life makes us who we are, and being yourself is okay.
  • COURAGEOUS: We all find challenge difficult at times but together we can find the courage to overcome these.

“The school is a happy place where pupils enjoy learning and make good progress”.

Ofsted, 2017