At the Chiltern School, we update parents on their child’s attendance half termly. In line with other schools, our attendance target is 95%. It is important to note that although 90% is a good score in most things, with regards to attendance it is not, a child attending 90% of the time is considered to be persistently absent and we are required to liaise with the local authority where these children have unauthorised absence.
All pupils are expected to be in school, unless there is a significant reason for them not to be, for example; being contagious, having a temperature and being too unwell for example with sickness and diarrhoea. 
If your child is going to be absent, please email or call 01582 866972 before 8.50am.
If we have not been given a reason for absence, we will contact Parents or Carers firstly by text message. This will be followed up with a phone call if we have not heard from parents.
If your child has a medical appointment, please send a copy of your child’s appointment letter to or bring a copy into school and we will photo copy it for you. We recognise that many of our pupils have repeated medical appointments that they must attend and these absences will be authorised where medical evidence is provided.
In the rare instance that your child is absent for three days, the class teacher will contact parents and carers to discuss a plan for your child’s return. This is to plan for any concerns that your child has whilst being out of their routine, to make sure the child feels safe and able to get back into school and manage getting back into their routine. In order to support the pupil returning to school, reasonable adjustments can be made at the discretion of the Teacher and Senior Leadership Team.
“The school’s curriculum offers an exciting range of opportunities, on-site and offsite, to develop pupils’ confidence and independence”.
Ofsted, 2017