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Shakespeare in School Festival 2016

The Grove Theatre                 


The Chiltern School Production of JULIUS CAESAR.

Once again, our students worked really hard and put on a fantastic performance as part of the National Shakespeare Schools Festival – this year their production was of the Shakespeare Play – JULIUS CAESAR

Cast: Joel, Rebecca, John, Andrew, Jamie, George, Charlotte, Weronika, Olivia, Alex, Peter, Matthew S, Joshua, Shane.

Lighting technician: Zach

Staff:  Heather, Sadie, Rachel and Alison

JULIUS CAESAR: Chiltern School Production

Senators fear Caesar wants to be king and destroy the republic. They persuade his friend Brutus to join a plot to kill him at the Senate.

Caesar ignores the warnings of a sooth-sayer and his wife, Calpurnia, to go to the Senate where he is indeed murdered. Caesar’s friend, Mark Antony, persuades Brutus to let him speak at Caesar’s funeral where he stirs the crowd to civil war.

Emotional strain leads Portia, Brutus’ wife, to commit suicide. In the final battle between Antony and Caesar’s nephew on the one side, and Brutus and Cassius on the other, Brutus and Cassius kill themselves.

Photo gallery of the last rehearsal in school