Beech Road Campus

Beech Road Campus is based in Dunstable and is home to Learning Pathways 1 and 2.

A bespoke and specialist environment for complex SEND, Beech Road Campus meets the needs of pupils with multi-sensory, learning, medical and communication difficulties.

Starting with Early Years and transition into school, needs are assessed in a holistic way using a multi-disciplinary approach to enable us to identify the appropriate pathway for each child.

We use a child centred approach as we recognise all children have unique abilities, talents and ways of learning.  We will use a variety of learning opportunities which promote the development of the individual child as we know one size does not fit all.

Emotional wellbeing, self-regulation, independence, communication and resilience are our curriculum drivers.

Teaching approaches may include: Exploratory and play based learning, PECS, Makaton, Intensive Interaction, MOVE, Sensory Integration circuits, Attention Autism, Interactive music (Tacpac), Multi-Sensory, Visual and physical structure, Mindfulness and yoga.

“The school’s culture to protect children and keep staff and pupils safe is well developed. Procedures to ensure pupils’ safety on educational outings and visits in the community are strong.”.
Ofsted, 2017