Beech Road Campus

Beech Road Campus is based in Dunstable and is home to Learning Pathways 1 and 2.

A bespoke and specialist environment for complex SEND, Beech Road Campus meets the needs of pupils with multi-sensory, learning, medical and communication difficulties.

Starting with Early Years and transition into school, needs are assessed in a holistic way using a multi-disciplinary approach to enable us to identify the appropriate pathway for each child.

We use a child centred approach as we recognise all children have unique abilities, talents and ways of learning.  We will use a variety of learning opportunities which promote the development of the individual child as we know one size does not fit all.

Emotional wellbeing, self-regulation, independence, communication and resilience are our curriculum drivers.

Teaching approaches may include: Exploratory and play based learning, PECS, Makaton, Intensive Interaction, MOVE, Sensory Integration circuits, Attention Autism, Interactive music (Tacpac), Multi-Sensory, Visual and physical structure, Mindfulness and yoga.

“The school’s curriculum offers an exciting range of opportunities, on-site and offsite, to develop pupils’ confidence and independence”.

Ofsted, 2017