Latest Update


Dear Parents/Guardians, 

As you will be aware, the scheduled half term holiday is fast approaching, current agreed provision will stay in place until then. The School will be closed for the half term period (25th – 29th May) to all pupils. There is a need to carry out essential health and safety maintenance, including a thorough cleaning of the site. 

As I shared last week we are exploring different options for the final 7 weeks of term.  We need to assess the daily Government announcements and then interpret the guidance as it is published. I hope you can appreciate that much of the Covid-19 guidance we receive from the Department for Education has a focus on mainstream primary and secondary education, and it does take some time for the Local Authority and ourselves to interpret the guidance for SEN Schools and seek clarity where necessary. 


It is likely that the school will not be open to all pupils every day because it would not be safe, the return of pupils will be phased. We want to take every measure possible to limit any cross-contamination across our school. Provision will continue under our risk assessment and updated weekly.  We are looking at how we can zone our building to create clusters within a “protected bubble”. Hygiene measures and core staffing in the protected zones will allow us to limit the risk of ‘spread’ in line with Public Health England guidelines. It will also allow us to respond if a pupil or staff member in that protected bubble develops any symptoms. We are also mindful to follow social distancing where possible and therefore, very small numbers in clusters will continue. 

We need your help for the planning and would like to know what your views are.  Your child’s class teacher will be contacting you later today and we would appreciate you responding to their message before Wednesday.   

We have been working with health colleagues to determine the list of pupils who are on a shielding list or in a critically vulnerable group. As a special school, we need to ensure the plans build in safety for these groups. It would help us to have information directly from parents.

More information will be sent out to everyone once final decisions have been made.

Best wishes, 
Lisa Leonard

“The school’s curriculum offers an exciting range of opportunities, on-site and offsite, to develop pupils’ confidence and independence”.

Ofsted, 2017