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The Chiltern School

School Vision

The Chiltern School Vision

The Chiltern School will be a forward thinking ‘Centre of Excellence’, where we put the pupils at the heart of all decision making. We endeavour to take a holistic approach, valuing the whole child. We will create a culture of learning and discovery that is stimulating and enjoyable, learning is fun and exciting. Our learning starts with the child and our aim is for all pupils to achieve their academic potential and be able to lead independent and fulfilling lives. Underpinning our work is an ethos of distributed leadership, empowering the school community and promoting independence. We will encourage each other to take risks, have a go and try new things, with a fearless pursuit of inspirational and high quality teaching.

Our vision is to develop children who are happy, confident, inquisitive and independent. Confident to move on, they will have the ability and desire to build on the skills they have developed and they will have a strong set of practical, social and emotional life skills to enable them to get things done and get along with people.

We will provide a relevant and rich curriculum that is enjoyable, interactive and creative. It is designed to take account of pupils’ abilities, interests and experiences; at the heart of the curriculum is the development of functional independence, communication and emotional wellbeing.  The curriculum is highly personalised, pupils will follow different pathways to meet their changing needs, with a strong emphasis on celebrating the small steps. We will create a caring yet purposeful environment where high expectations, good manners and positive relationships are nurtured.  We will foster mutually respectful relationships with warmth, humour and pleasant firmness that allow pupils to take responsibility for themselves.

Staff will work together, expertly and enthusiastically, will be experts in their field. We will provide high quality opportunities for continuous professional development, promote action research and use evidence based practice to enrich our own learning. We aspire to be national leaders for school to school support and outreach so that other children with SEND benefit too.

We will work closely and collaboratively with families and other professionals to ensure every child has a happy, purposeful experience, one that allows them to thrive. They will take with them a sense of personal achievement and pride in their talents.

We believe that the individual is at the heart of everything we do, everyone is valued and our differences are celebrated. It is our aim that as members of the Chiltern Family:


We will share our expertise and work with others to be the best we can be.

The values that underpin all our work are: